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Can you speak Thai?

No need to get tongued thai’d with this 180 hour combo-course (1 year*) that gets you conversing with the locals. * Comes with a handy education Visa

Learn to teach to learn

Our progressive 120-hour curriculum awards the TEFL International Certification, taught in 30 centres around the world.

TEFL Thailand - Chiang Mai TESOL courses

Join our fun, professional courses to jump start your Thailand TEFL teaching career. We are one of the oldest and most established Chiang Mai TEFL courses, with university backing and a widely respected reputation among recruiters. UniTEFL boasts a 90% success rate in placing graduates in local jobs and offers the full TI certification, along with a turn-key service for your convenience during your stay with us - a great group experience!

Your teaching career starts here! Get qualified to teach English anywhere in the world - live and work in some of the most amazing places. Our one-month TESOL / TEFL course in Thailand is designed and monitored by ESL experts with a hands-on approach that includes real classroom experience. The certificate is fully accredited by TEFL International, validated in the United States by Fort Hays University, and entitling you to a lifetime alumni membership of TI's network of 30 TESOL job centres in 20 countries. Taking your course in Chiang Mai is a relaxing, cost-effective, option. Trust us, we’ve trained more than 1,000 teachers!

Now Hiring: we have multiple vacancies to fill, starting May 18th, enrol now on our shortened hybrid course to qualify.
Low season discounts! $200 off the price of 120 hour TEFL courses in June, July and August.