5 Advantages of Teaching in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a popular teaching destination in Thailand and many foreigners flock into this city to build a rewarding teaching career. There are the five obvious advantages of teaching in this city.

  1. On a popular website, Chiang Mai was voted as the 2nd best city in the world to live in. the city has a lively student community and enough number of bars and restaurants to choose from. This city is a melting pot for students from all over the world.
  2. This city has enough schools and institutes to offer hands-on experience for the potential teachers to teach English to non-native speakers of the language. This opportunity is not easily available in Europe or USA.
  3. Thai Ministry of Education approves the institutes and the courses offered by these institutes. This means the degree is accepted in many parts of the world and the teacher can teach wherever they want.
  4. There is no dearth of TEFL jobs in Chiang Mai. Frankly, the demand is huge all over Thailand. So if you want to stay back after completing your degree, you get ample opportunities to do so. In fact, most of the leading institutes offer employment after successful completion of the course. At least, they will arrange multiple job interviews for you.
  5. You will meet many colleagues here who are working in the city for long. Their advices are invaluable. They will help you in the right direction to make a brilliant TEFL trainer out of you.

One thought on “5 Advantages of Teaching in Chiang Mai

  1. Paul

    Hi Stuart,

    Chiang Mai looks like a beautiful setting to teach English abroad. Could you recommend the best job sites for finding work in Thailand? I am looking for recommendations and perhaps someone who could do a guest post on it if you are interested.


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