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Chiang Mai Teaching Salary

The teaching salaries in Chiang Mai are often times not what you’d find in the much larger capital city of Bangkok. That being said, the cost of living is nearly half of what you’d find in Bangkok; the teaching salaries about two-thirds.

Full time Chiang Mai teachers (government or private schools) earn between thirty and forty thousand Thai baht. Full time teachers at International schools can easily earn double this amount.

Obtaining a coveted International School teaching position, and that 60 to 80 thousand baht per month salary, normally requires a degree in education. It looks even better if you have a Master’s degree. A major in anything else, coupled with a TEFL, will land you a comfy teaching position raking in the aforementioned 30-40 thousand baht per month.

Chiang Mai is a smaller city (or big town) in northern Thailand. It retains much of the charm that people look for when traveling to the Land of Smiles. From bustling night markets to centuries old temples, Chiang Mai delivers. A salary of thirty thousand baht per month is more than enough to enjoy all of the wonderful things Chiang Mai has to offer.

The point is that the slightly lower salary should not dissuade you from pursuing a teaching position in Chiang Mai. This area is well known for being affordable, beautiful and welcoming. You would discover that places like Bangkok and the promise of fifty to sixty thousand baht salaries would afford you much less.

Consider the environment you would like to experience – then let that be your guide. Anywhere that you teach in Thailand will provide you with a salary that will allow you to travel, enjoy yourself and live very comfortably. When it comes to quality of life and what your salary will afford you, there’s more to it than just a number.

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