Failing Your TEFL Certification Course

Yes, some people do fail their TEFL certification courses. That said, it’s a rarity. Most TEFL courses offer a lot of support and after class tutoring when needed. If you happen to be one of the unlucky people that fail, it might be worth asking yourself the questions “…do I really want to do this? And, if so, did I do my best?”

TEFL courses become like a small family. You are studying with a small group of people and spending the bulk of the day together. You are also eating lunches together, going out on weekends as a group andFailing Your TEFL Certification being a source of comfort if you’re completing your course in another country.

Classes usually run for seven to nine hours per day. That’s a long day of studying and being exposed to new ideas. During that time you are asked to step outside of your comfort zone and perform impromptu lessons in front of your classmates. This in itself is a bonding experience.

As a group of individuals striving for the same goal, your classmates are usually quick to offer assistance, insights and help with understanding the material. You’re not alone on some deserted island – it’s more like an academic boot camp where everyone is invested in everyone else’s success.

Furthermore, the school is highly invested in the success of its students. If they have large percentages of people failing their course it reflects poorly on the school. That said, the schools don’t want to just pass someone as means of keeping their pass rate high (hopefully!) They make certain that every avenue is exhausted and available when trying to assist students with concept comprehension and application.

I haven’t heard of many people failing their TEFL certifications – however, the times that I have heard about it the student usually takes full responsibility. By no means is this an easy certification, but it has built in safety nets for people struggling with the material. Take advantage of it and excel – or don’t and…well, you know.

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