Finding Work In Chiang Mai And How To Go About IT

Working in the city of Chiang Mai is possible. As an expatriate, you can find employment in different sectors provided you are in possession of a non-immigrant visa and a work permit. You must also have a good command of English, as well as a notion of Thai to be able to communicate with your employer as well as with the Thais in general.   Finding Work In Chiang Mai And How To Go About IT


Above all you must have a job offer. See the classified ads in local newspapers, as well as websites. Find a few companies and send your CV along with a motivation letter. Also make sure that the trade you plan to practice in Chiang Mai is open to expats. Subsequently, you must go to the Thai Embassy to apply for a non-immigrant business visa. This will allow you to obtain a work permit from the Chiang Mai Labour Office.

Potential Sectors

It should be noted that certain professions in Chiang Mai and in Thailand in general, are exclusively reserved for Thai people. One of the key areas of the city of Chiang Mai remains tourism. But beware; you do not have the right to practice as a tourist guide. You can be hired in hotel management or catering. The fields of import and export also generate employment.

You can also find English teaching jobs in Chiang Mai as well as in the computer field that often requires foreign expertise. In addition, retirees may also be hired in certain sectors. Above all, you must have qualities and skills that are not available in the local labour market.

For English teaching jobs in Chiang Mai, different rules apply. You do not have to have a monthly income of around 50,000 baht to get a work permit. Your employer or even the employment office could ask you to justify your level of English. You will then have to pass a “Test of English for International Communication” (TOEIC).

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