Go TEFL goes public

Gotefl logoWe’ve been planning for months, now we can finally announce publicly what we’ve been hinting all along: an exciting new training & placement (TAP) program in collaboration with MediaKids recruitment group.

Go TEFL is an offshoot of UniTEFL that recruits new teachers to 8 month contracts, similar to internships, except you get a full salary, and join the usual monthly courses run by us. These jobs are guaranteed, though you need to apply and the criteria are quite strict.

If you are a college graduate and native English speaker, up for the adventure of going to teach in provincial schools, this is a recommended option for entering the world of ESL, since everything is taken care for you.

Those who want to seek jobs in the popular areas like Chiang Mai or the seaside provinces are better off taking the UniTEFL standard course. Of course we do offer job placement assistance for graduates, but nothing is guaranteed. And you’re not bound to any contracts.

The other main difference is payment. The Go TEFL TAP program subsidised by $1,000 as an incentive (so all you need pay is the $500 ‘commitment fee’ at the beginning), while the UniTEFL course costs a standard $1,500 upfront. In terms of salary and location they work out much the same over a year. Salaries during the TAP contract are slightly less but then again you are living in a cheap province without costly distractions (like bars and tourist restaurants), but not everyone wants to live in the boondocks.

So, which one is for you? Well, firstly, if you don’t meet the criteria or get selected for the program then opt for the UniTEFL course which comes with its own freedoms and benefits. If you are an adventurous type, and relish the idea of your first eight months in Thailand living in an authentic provincial town, then the TAP program is a perfect turn-key solution because you will be chaperoned from point of arrival, with a mentor assigned by MediaKids, along with guaranteed work permit and the paperwork taken care for you.

The jobs and schools you will go to are in small or medium sized towns, there won’t be the usual tourist services around, but you will have a few other foreigners as company teaching with you. Housing is provided as part of the package. Take home pay is 27,000 baht. By comparison, the starting salary in Bangkok for an experienced teacher is 30,000 and you still have find your own accommodation and commute to work (an hour each way!).

The program admits 25 lucky applicants per term and we receive a lot of CVs, so we encourage you to apply asap if you are interested. Those who don’t make it may sign up for the UniTEFL course and we’ll likely still find you a job, possibly here in Chiang Mai, but no guarantees.  Also, if you are truly unhappy with your job on the TAP we allow an early exit (though you’ll have to pay back part of the training).

Graduates of both the UniTEFL course and Go TEFL TAP get the same TEFL International certificate, which is widely recognised, and offered in 22 countries.


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  1. Chrispen Mcdonald

    I just got an email confirming l have meet the creterea to study tefl course with TAP.The whole course its $1200 and $750 paid up front,including acommodation.lm a Zimbabwean,leaving in South Africa.Do l qualify to study tefl?Am l an english native country?


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