How Much Will I Earn in Thailand: Teacher’s Salary

I would like to start by saying that all English teachers in Thailand do well by Thai standards. First year English teachers will make between 25-35,000 Thai baht ($800-$1200 USD) at their main job. Depending on the location you can make more or less than that, but this is the standard range.

That said, 25-35,000 baht per month is nothing to scoff at. Many college-educated Thais make around How Much Will I Earn Teaching in Thailand10-12,000 baht per month, roughly $400 USD. Hopefully this is starting to put things into perspective for you.

If you’re not in a hurry to secure a job, take some time to shop around. You’ll see that there can be a variance of up to 15,000 baht between positions. This will be more pronounced in areas like Bangkok and not as pronounced in less metropolitan areas.

This brings us to our next consideration: location. Location is going to play a huge part in determining the size of your monthly paycheck. The difference between taking a job in Bangkok as opposed and one in northern Thailand is going to make a big difference – on paper. The cost of living in Bangkok is so much higher than a place like Chiang Mai, so that extra 15,000 baht per month isn’t going to go far after rent and food.

Taking a job in northern Thailand for 35,000 baht/month is going to translate to a much more comfortable lifestyle than the 55,000 you might get in Bangkok. Rent is going to be nearly double in Bangkok as well as nearly every other activity or service, e.g., taxi rides, laundry, most restaurants, coffee.

To sum this up, you are going to do very well for yourself as an ESL teacher in Thailand. You’re going to have a comfortable living space, you’re going to enjoy long evenings over good food and drinks, you’re going drive a nice motorbike and you’re going to take some trips around the area.

If you’re interested in raking in even more baht every month, read the follow-up article How To Make MORE Money In Thailand Teaching English.

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