How To Make MORE Money Teaching English In Thailand

How To Make MORE Money Teaching English in ThailandSo you’re planning on teaching English in Thailand. Maybe you’ve even landed your first teaching gig in the Land Of Smiles. If the latter is the case – Congratulations! You will be making good money by Thai standards as an English teacher. However, chances are good that if you’re reading this you’re looking to save some cash or maybe just live like Jay-Z while you’re there.

Below are ideas and avenues to help you generate a few extra baht every month. These are effective and easily attainable ways of making money that I can personally vouch for.

Afterschool programs are a great way to boost your salary by up to 10,000 baht per month. You will earn an additional 3-5,000 baht per month for each class that you teach. Teaching two per day is totally feasible.

Many schools offer these afterschool programs as a way for students to practice English in a fun, interactive and hands-on atmosphere. Art, sports and basic cooking classes are common. Each class usually meets Monday to Thursday for about an hour.

Another great way to increase your salary is to do part-time private lessons. Teaching part-time isn’t exactly legal, but nearly every English teacher I’ve met does it. The Thai government seems not to mind as most businesses rely on foreign English teachers to work with their staff. You could even tell people that you offer the classes for free and the money you receive is a generous gift!

Businesses will pay 3-600 baht per hour for part-time lessons; 500 being pretty standard. This saves them the time and money involved with bringing on a full-time ESL teacher as staff.

University students or students from your normal classroom might be looking for some additional tutoring, too. The normal rate for them might be closer to 4-500 baht per hour. You could probably even trade for Thai lessons if that’s your thing.

Weekend language schools are another way to nearly double your income. For two full days of work you can earn upwards of 25-30,000 baht per month. You will be working with smaller groups of people looking to take intensive English courses. Students will range in age from elementary school to adults.

Don’t misunderstand – this isn’t easy work and you’re going to put in solid 8 to 10 hour days on the weekend. Language schools often run programs ranging from four to sixteen weeks and you might be asked to commit for at least that long. It’s a nice way to make extra money for that upcoming trip to Cambodia!

There you have it – a few ways to Make MORE Money In Thailand Teaching English!

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