Teach English in Thailand for a Prosperous Career

Teach English in Thailand for a Prosperous Career

Thailand is the third fastest growing economy of Asia, just behind China and Japan. Thus, Thailand is becoming an attractive place for the westerners to work. The living condition of Thailand is still affordable and the climate is warm all year round and western people find it a safe heaven, away from the round the year cold winter and high taxes. Teaching English in Thailand is, thus, being a popular choice for many western hemisphere people, especially those who speak English natively. It has seen a boom in the recent years and the boom is showing no sign of slowing down.

The need of foreign English teachers is increasing as Thai people are determined to speak better English. The Ministry of Education recently stated that they will be employing 300 more foreign teachers in the govt language schools in the coming months. They are offering higher than usual salaries so that they can attract better talents from abroad. All these can tell you how determined the nation is about international Standard English.

Average salary for foreigners teaching English in Thailand is presently 70,000 Baht which is approximately 2000 USD and is expected to increase more. The inflation effect is always there and then the Thai economy is doing so well. Among locations, Bangkok is always there but English teaching jobs in Chiang Mai are even more lucrative. The average living cost in Thailand is approximately one third of the average salary for TEFL certified teachers.

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