Teaching Summer Camp Programs In Thailand

Summer programs are a great way to earn some extra money as an ESL teacher.  Teachers can earn 10-15,000 baht for a few days of their time.

Many schools and independent language programs offer summer or ‘camp’ classes during breaks in theTeaching Summer Programs In Thailand school year. These programs offer intensive language learning where the students stay overnight for periods of three to five days.

Many ESL teachers are paid during breaks in the school year. You should read through your contract if you’re uncertain. Deciding to teach a few of these classes could translate into having a nice chunk of change saved up.

There are a couple things to consider when teaching one of these classes.

Transportation: does the school or company provide transportation? If transportation is provided then you don’t need to worry too much. Transport could be pricey f you’re responsible for getting yourself to and from the facility. Roundtrip bus fare might end up running you a couple thousand baht.

Student-Teacher Interaction: how many hours per day are you with the students? You will most likely be working with the students for around nine or ten hours per day. Keep in mind that you won’t be in front of a classroom that entire time. A lot of that time will be working with them in groups and facilitating fun activities. If this seems overwhelming, you might want to reconsider!

Sleeping Arrangements: do you have a private room? Some people (like myself) don’t sleep well in shared, hostel style accommodations. I can get by for a few nights not sleeping well and still being able to interact and teach effectively. After that I need my own space to sleep and rejuvenate. If you’re like me, a weekend long program is perfect and can be a lot of fun; a weeklong program can be somewhat unbearable.

I can personally vouch for how fun summer or ‘camp’ programs can be. I can also recount a couple horror stories. Maximize your enjoyment (and retain your sanity) by taking these few things into consideration before hopping on that bus!

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One thought on “Teaching Summer Camp Programs In Thailand

  1. James Kateley

    Next year I will be changing schools from a bilingual school to an international school. As these schools have a different academic years I will have a four month gap between April and August. Therefore, I will be seeking temporary teaching positions during this time. As I know Chiang Mai very well, have many friends there, and also cheap accommodation available, I thought it would be a good base for this interim period.

    I am a fully qualified British primary school teacher with a long and wide ranging experience of teaching various students with different ages, levels and cultures. This has made me flexible, adaptable and sensitive to the individual and collective needs of any student cohort I am faced with. I have electronic copies of my CV, degrees and all my teaching credentials should you wish to see these.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    James Kateley


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