Hybrid TEFL course (100 hour)

ONLINE: 80* hours, IN-CLASS: 40 hours (incl. 4 practicums)

* Includes a bonus 20 hour grammar online tutorial

This course is specifically designed for those who lack the time for a full time, four-week intensive course. Instead, you can study the same theory in your own time online, through user-friendly modules marked by a dedicated tutor. To qualify for full TEFL certification you are required to conduct at least four classroom practicums which involves trainer tutorials followed by observed teaching in a proper school. For this you will need to attend 10 days  of our monthly courses in Chiang Mai.


Course includes;

  1. Online study for teaching methodology and theory tutorials, conducted at your own pace (read more).
  2. Online module to cover critical grammar as taught by ESL teachers (read more).
  3. Attendance of 10 days of class tuition, which includes four one-hour observed teaching practicums, amounting to 40 hours of in-class tuition (read more).
  4. An invigilated test/exam for course completion

All this adds up to 120 hours required for proper TEFL certification, enabling you to teach English anywhere in the world. It covers the same material, and will look no different on your CV from any other 120 hour TEFL course offered in Thailand.


TEFL International Certification is a widely recognised accreditation (validated by Fort Hays State University, USA). With a further two observed teaching practicums and an extra tutorial module you will meet the criteria to be awarded this prestigious certificate, enjoying lifetime alumni privileges at any of their 20 centres worldwide:  add on price:  $200.

Accommodation set up for your convenience in a nearby apartment for one month: add on price $150.


All courses conducted under supervision of a Ministry of Education  (MoE) licensed language centre.