Online Grammar Primer

ONLINE: 20 hours

An ideal aid to teacher training, this short online course is designed to help English teachers brush up on their grammar. In less than 20 easy hours you can get your head around ‘how grammar is explained’.

Many of our TEFL course students find grammar to be one of the most frustrating parts of the program, simply because language use is second nature to them, and explaining ‘why’ can be quite a riddle.

This affordable online course can be completed in your own time prior to, or even after, your TEFL course and will help you understand concepts such as;

  1. Parts of speech
  2. Exploring nouns
  3. Verbs and tenses explained
  4. Active and passive voice
  5. Conditionals
  6. Presenting grammar
  7. Direct and reported speech
  8. Language Analysis

While much of this is taught during the full 120-hour TEFL course, it helps to have revised beforehand, since the course is an intense learning experience.

 Who should take this course?

Those who use English as a second language find it useful to avoid confusion with the grammar of their first language, while native speakers without any writing or linguistic background are advised to use this course to remind themselves.