Online TEFL Introductory Course

Online TEFL Introductory Course

ONLINE: 80 hours
The UniTEFL Online TEFL Essentials course is a comprehensive, distance-learning, teacher-training course. Our aim is to give our students the knowledge and the tools required of any TEFL/ESL teacher to be able to teach confidently in any classroom around the world. The comprehensive course takes approximately 80 hours to complete, but can be done at your own pace and within your own time constraints. Depending on how quickly you work, you can have a recognized online TEFL certificate within as little as 2 weeks, and will be ready for a teaching position.

Every online student is assigned an online tutor who will have had extensive real world teaching experience. Your tutor will be responsible for marking your assignments, giving you feedback and answering any questions you may have as you progress through the course. Although your course is online we make an effort to make sure you always have the guidance of an experienced trainer one click away.

Our course curriculum was written by highly qualified trainers with years of TEFL teaching experience from all parts of the globe. We drew our resources from some of the best publications available within the TEFL/ESL community which has allowed us to build a program that has not only become one of the highest regarded online TEFL courses, but one that gives our students the keys they need to be a successful TEFL teacher.

Program Summary:
Teacher and Learner – Roles and Characteristics
Classroom – Skills, Groups, Tools, Discipline and Organization
Approaches to Language Learning
Theatre Techniques
Lesson Warmers
Context Setting
Eliciting techniques
The Flashcard Method

Assignment: plan a Flashcard Lesson

Grammar: Word Classes, Sentence Elements, Gerunds & Infinitves, Tense & Time
PPP Method

Assignment: plan a PPP Lesson
The course includes: a unique username and password which allows you access into the system, plus a discount if you would like to enroll in the 120-hour TEFL course which is held at the UniTEFL training center in Chiang Mai. Upon completion, you will be issued a UniTEFL certification.