Platinum TEFL package

IN-CLASS: 120 hours (incl. 6 teaching practicums) +Excursion

We take care of everything for you with this recommended package. You’re in our capable hands the moment you step out of the airport.  We’ll cover your transfer to your apartment, located near the study centre in Chiang Mai. We’ll also present you with a 3G sim card (topped up and ready to go) and assistance to open a bank account if you wish.

Course includes:

1. Four-week in-class course
2. Six teaching practicums in real Thai schools
3. TEFL International Certificate (accredited) by Fort Hays University in the United States
4. UniTEFL International Certificate
5. Assistance in CV writing and job seeking
6. Weekend excursion
7. One month’s apartment room near training center
8. Airport to apartment transfer
9. Thai sim card (pre-loaded, 3G access)
10. Bank account assistance


The TEFL course has two main components:

  1. Input sessions, which involves information about methodology and language awareness.These sessions contain practical ideas about teaching and language learning theory. Trainees will participate in group and pair discussion, as well as attend lectures on various topics pertaining to teaching. The first part of language awareness is grammar. Input sessions cover word classes, simple sentence elements, complex sentences and clauses, verb time and tense, aspect and conditionals and modals, phrasal and voice. The second area is phonology. Trainees can be expected to learn about phonemics, word stress and intonation, sentence stress and intonation, rhythm and intonation and connected speech.
  2. Teaching practicum real life classroom and teaching experience. The course is very focused on practical, hands-on experience. Beginning in the first week of the course, our trainees teach (under the guidance of highly skilled trainers) ESL classes to local students in local Thai schools. All of our trainees will have the opportunity to complete six (50 minute) teaching practices. The 120 hours TEFL course has a very practical emphasis and deal primarily with the real skills and knowledge needed by teachers in the classroom.  Whilst the course timetable may vary slightly from location to location, the content will always remain the same.


1. Weekend Excursion: breaks the tension in the middle of the course, and you get to truly appreciate Northern Thailand and the landscape of this country you are about to come and live in. Get your sunscreen out, we’re sending you off to spend a day with Asian elephants, which includes lush jungle highlands, giant trees, with fresh strawberries sold on the roadside. The program usually involves some river swimming (you get to bathe with the elephants) and a photo op at some lovely waterfalls. The mountainous environment around Chiang Mai is fantastic!

2. Cultural Experience: is a more sedate but no less charming affair, attending a traditional Northern Thai Kantoke evening. Like the locals you do get to sit at floor level and eat with your hands, it’s all part of the fun experience in traditional Thai pavilions, you will be enchanted for the evening with Khon (masked) performances, classic Thai dancing, drumming and, of course, spicy local cuisine. It’s a memorable travel experience.






NOTE: the exact details of these excursions may vary from time-to-time.


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All courses conducted under supervision of a Ministry of Education (MoE) licensed language centre.