TEFL Job Placement Programme

Wouldn’t you love to teach English in Thailand?

Our recruitment partners are trying to fill dozens of jobs for the new school term starting in October 2014, if you’ve got a sense of adventure and the right CV, get in touch and we’ll  screen you for an interview.

studentTeaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a growing business and a popular means to live and work abroad, with a fantastic opportunity to travel and see the world. Thailand is a peaceful, laid-back and charming country where thousands of foreigners have made a new life teaching English and living comfortably.

Our Jobs Placement Programme is designed to help provincial schools find teachers to assist with English language learning. You’ll be working in a team of other foreigners in a charming environment for six month contracts, among fellow Thai teaching assistants. No previous experience is necessary and we will be putting you through a fully accredited TEFL certified 120 hours which you can then take with you anywhere in the world, picking and choosing the best jobs. This is our pledge to you, ensuring you advance your career prospects.

There is no application or ‘internship’ fee, and a full salary will be paid monthly – competitive with local TEFL teacher wages.

How it worksunitefl-trainee

  1. If you are a university graduate willing to commit to a minimum 6-months, then brush up your CV, including a picture, and submit using the email address below.
  2. We will contact you shortly, shortlisting you for an interview if suitable, which will be conducted via skype.
  3. Within weeks we can provisionally offer you a placement.
  4. Now you can start making your travel plans, arriving no later than September 25th.
  5. A hybrid TEFL course will be offered as part of the training, with the theory completed online before hand, followed by 2 weeks of teaching practicum experience and tutoring at our centre in charming Chiang Mai. This amounts to the full 120 hour cert.
  6. A deposit advance against your training of £500/$800 is required as part of your commitment to fulfilling the role.
  7. You will be met upon arrival, with accommodation provided and transfer to your school to begin in mid October.
  8. In most cases accommodation arrangements are made as part of the teaching position.
  9. At the completion of your 6 month contract you will be free to seek alternative jobs, or move on to a new country, presented with your TEFL certificate.

What’s the catch?

We get to provide schools in need of teachers with your enthusiastic services, and willingness to immerse yourself in a foreign country. You get to commit to a 6 month contract which includes training. We have built these training costs into the remuneration package with a fair and transparent wage structure.

How much will you get paid?

The starting salary for these jobs is 25,000 baht (£500/$800), which is double the national teaching wage, and similar to that which other foreigners earn teaching TEFL in Thailand. It’s a cheap country and in you’ll be able to save quite well, living outside of the bigger centres. This is a net salary, without any further deductions for your program orientation and training. As a comparison, a new TEFL teacher in the expensive city of Bangkok will start on 30,000 baht without accommodation. once experienced you can later earn up-to $3,000 in South Korea or the UAE, among others.

What are the schools like?tefl_thai_school

The schools you will be placed in are mostly privately owned schools in provincial towns, with up to 1,000 students. You will likely have a few other foreigners for company in the staffroom, and locals can converse with you in very basic English. It entails about 5 hours teaching a day, although you should be prepping lessons the rest of the time. They are located in pretty areas of the countryside, among rice farming districts, national parks and plenty of quixotic Asian culture. Accommodation is comfortable and you’ll be no more than a couple of hours from a modern mall. Rental scooters can be provided on request.

What if you hate the place?

You’re given a choice of several locations, and it might be some time before the actual school is confirmed. If, after a reasonable time, you are really unhappy with your environment our recruiters will try to arrange a transfer. If you wish to break the contract entirely that can also be worked out, with some of your final month’s salary withheld for pro-rata training costs compensation. We strive to maintain a reputation for transparency and good employment practices.

The Next step

Contact recruitment executive Kim Upara with any queries.




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