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About UniTEFL International
Based in Chiang Mai, UniTEFL is a well established teacher training centre with an experienced and qualified team that has been together since 2009. The company represents several universities abroad, providing a local enrollment and examination centre for post graduate degrees and diplomas in teaching, as well as running monthly TEFL/TESOL courses accredited under the TEFL International curriculum (validated by Fort Hays University in the US).

Why Chiang Mai?
TEFL Chiang MaiChiang-Mai – This charming 700-year old town is a favourite place to study TEFL in Thailand due to its laid-back pace, cheap amenities and temporate climate. You will be among a large student population with an authentic Thai atmosphere, while still in touch with all the comforts and sophistication that this tourist-friendly town offers.

For most the year it is cooler and less humid than the rest of Thailand, with the added bonus of a mountainous national park full of hiking trails and waterfalls on your back doorstep. There may not be a beach, but there’s a great deal more on offer for the travel junkie.

Frequently voted a top destination by travel magazine readers’ polls, Chiang Mai oozes culture and history, with its old town surrounded by an ancient moat and relics of history dotted all over the city. The pace is just perfect and it’s much cheaper than the South or Bangkok. No wonder it’s the most popular place in Thailand for expats to live and teach.

Uni TEFL Chiang Mai

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