TEFL Phuket

“Pearl of the South” is the phrase commonly used to refer to the Island of Phuket (pronounced ‘Poo-ket’), the largest island in the country of Thailand. phuket2Lying in the perfectly clear and warm waters of the Andaman Sea off the south-west coast of Thailand, this fantastic island is literally a tropical paradise. The remarkably varied terrain on Phuket includes long strips of white, sandy beaches against crystal clear waters, limestone cliffs and fascinating coral reefs, heavily forested mountains, awesome waterfalls, and every kind of tropical vegetation one could imagine. Amid this fantastically beautiful landscape lives the most exciting variety of nightlife, entertainment and cuisine to be found in Thailand. Phuket offers something to cater to every desire, from outrageous cabaret shows and pulsating discos to peacefully quiet bars and coffee houses.

The variety of international cuisine available make Phuket a food-lover’s paradise and nothing will heat you up quite like a traditionally spicy Thai meal! And it certainly does not end there … with truly picture-perfect beaches and the wide variety of water sports and activities available, you will never be bored  in your free time! World class diving and snorkeling, kayaking, wind surfing, horse-back riding, bungee jumping, elephant trekking and hiking through rainforests are just some of the ways you can enjoy yourself. Due to the tropical climate, the island offers warm to hot weather all year round, and the heat reaches its peak from November through March. Of course authentic Thai culture will not escape you – witness daily Thai life by visiting one of the many Buddhist temples on the island, shopping the famous outdoor market in Phuket Town, attending a Muay Thai Boxing match, or just chatting with the locals. The Thai people are famed for their peaceful, friendly and smiling nature and are a joy to talk to! Phuket is ideally situated for exploring many other regions in Thailand, as well as visiting the many nearby countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (Burma).

The international airport and extensive bus network on the island make such travel relatively easy. This tropical wonderland is sure to please just about everyone! And although flights into Thailand can be more expensive than those to European locations, the incredibly low cost of living in the country is likely to balance out your overall expense. And with an abundance of teaching opportunities for first year teachers in Thailand and in Asia – including some of the highest paying jobs in the EFL industry – Phuket is the perfect location from which to begin a TEFL course and embark on a TEFL career.

Phuket TEFL’s Training Center

phuketThe TEFL International School in Phuket is located close to the heart of Phuket Town, a historically-rich and exciting city, with the best in local cuisine, shopping and island culture. The school building is spacious, comfortable and well air-conditioned, in a quiet part of the town, and set against the backdrop of the splendid mountains and forests. A short walk to the main street will bring you to a variety of restaurants, bars, services and many internet cafés, as well as the best shopping area on the island.