TEFL Training & Placement Program

Guaranteed job that includes subsidised TEFL training.

Together with Mediakids (a leading teacher recruiter), UniTEFL has developed this unique internship program as a turn-key solution to help new graduates enter the TEFL trade seamlessly. Successful applicants are offered good jobs on competitive starting salaries, and since the schools are looking for the best, they have agreed to finance the cost of the TEFL training for you!

If you’re planning to teach in Thailand at the start of the next school term (May or November), we will place you in provincial Thai schools, and provide the training, accommodation and meet-and-greet, with very little cost to you up-front. Save your money for you travels come school holidays and avoid the slog of job hunting and familiarisation once you’ve completed the course.


To apply for this privileged program you need to be;

  1. Over 21 years of age
  2. A university graduate (preferable, but ask us)
  3. Native English speaking
  4. Willing to commit a four months contract (at least)
  5. Flexibile in your expectations for location

From the moment you arrive in the country we meet you at the airport, accommodate you during the four week training, then transfer you to your school, providing housing, work permit paperchase, and a salary package of $1,000 per month (inclusive of a $150 housing benefit).

More than 200 teachers are presently working at these schools, and all are managed professionally by Media Kids Academy, which has more than 10 years experience and an excellent reputation for placing teachers in satisfying jobs.

It’s an ideal first job for those new to Thailand and in need of an undemanding environment, where the charm of the countryside is all part of the experience. Everything is taken care for you, with monitoring of your progress as a new teacher.

This program isn’t for everyone, those who insist on being in Bangkok or trying to find their own job in the competitive job market of Chiang Mai or the beachside towns, might prefer to invest in their own certification costs and independently seek out a job.


TEFL-thailand13Do I have to pay anything up-front?

The entire program is structured to pay you fairly and put you through the TEFL International 120-hour certification at UniTEFL subsidised. However, there is a $1800 commitment fee, seeing as we carry the financial burden of training and accommodating you prior to your start. To re-iterate: if you selected to work for MediaKids they will pay the $600 basic training fee on your behalf.

How does the salary compare?

Your take home salary is 28,000 baht ($750), and they also pay for your housing within walking distance of the school (3,000 baht allowance) and provide accident insurance. By comparison, a new teacher in Bangkok without experience will earn about 30,000 baht basic, but will have to pay about 10,000 baht in room and transport costs. You also have plenty of opportunity in your free afternoons to earn extra money teaching privately, and teachers usually add another $400 to their salary in this manner.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Since these schools are in less popular areas they are willing to pay more for teachers, in this case subsidising your training. After the contract is over you are free to move on, if you choose to stay you will be awarded a 10% raise. It may not be Chiang Mai, but it will be a far more authentic Thailand experience, you will have other foreigners at your school for company, and the cost of living considerably less.

How long is the contract?

The internship program is four months, with you are free to travel during the school break. There is also ‘summer camp’ paid employment available to you during these breaks.

Can I break the contract if I don’t like the job?

Yes. This seldom happens, they try to accommodate unhappy people, and screen you before-hand. Should you wish to leave after this, you are obliged to pay a $600 release fee before we give you your certificate.

What TEFL certification will I get?

To ensure you get the best possible start to your TEFL career, the recruiter has arranged to put you through UniTEFL’s course, which is the same TEFL International certificate, accredited by Fort Hays University, that is is offered in 30 centres in 22 countries around the world. Once you’ve finished the program you will have no problem landing a job elsewhere in the TEFL world.

What are the schools and locations like?

These are all premium government schools, that we have personally vetted. The facilities are generally good, the staff sympathetic, and there will most likely be several other foreigners teaching with you for company. You will be in a provincial town, with access to decent hospitals nearby and often with a mall and some sophistication within an hour’s bus ride. Many are pretty countryside environments. You will be given a reasonably comfortable and modern apartment studio.

How it works

1. Enquire with us to discuss your interest in the program and your plans to enter the world of TEFL here in Thailand, we’ll be happy to give you more details on case studies of current teachers.

2. Send us a basic resume outlining your qualifications, previous jobs, motivation for teaching, along with a picture.

3. We will shortlist you for a skype interview and let you know within a few days if MediaKids is interested in adding you to the program.

4. Following an interview, an offer of a job can usually be made within a month of your application or sooner.

5. Successful candidates are then forwarded a contract to peruse and sign.

6. The commitment fee of $ 1,200 should be paid at least 6 weeks before the start of the course.

7. Details of the training dates, along with liaison from a Media Kids representative regarding schools, paperwork for visas etc will occur via email.

8. Make your travel arrangements to get to Thailand in time to join the training courses.

Note! This program is popular and limited to 20 students per intake (twice a year), with people applying a year in a advance. We advise you to enquire early for the best possible chance of being selected.

About Media Kids Academy

As one of the largest private teacher recruiters in Asia, they have been placing foreigners in private Thai schools for more than 10 years, hiring and managing about 200 teachers each term. The company enjoys a good reputation for ethics and integrity, paying fairly, with a large team dedicated to the teacher’s comfort and development. We encourage you to investigate them through online reviews or visit their site for testimonials.

 Enquire with us about an application.