Student Videos

The Trio’s UniTEFL Testimonial

Kim from Thailand, Anastasia from Russia and Sebastien from Canada give you their combined thoughts and feedback after completing their TEFL course.

Caroline’s UniTEFL Testimonial

Prior to taking our TEFL course British Caroline had no background teaching experience. Only a few days after she graduated she was offered employment with a well known international kindergarten. Now as a confident ESL teacher Caroline gives you her insight’s into the UniTEFL course.

Graeme’s UniTEFL Testimonial

Graeme, a young British lad talks about his time with us at UniTEFL. After completing his course 1 job was not enough for this new ESL teacher! He is now employed by London House and NAVA Thailand.

Heinz’s UniTEFL Testimonial

Heinz was originally a teacher in his native Germany. After deciding he needed a life change he decided to take a UniTEFL course and become an ESL teacher. He is now working at one of Chiang Mai’s most prestigious private schools.

UNITEFL – Graduates- Yumiko, Triesta (Lilly), and Lee

UniTEFL – grads from America, and Japan living and working in Thailand, Japan, and Nepal. The UniTEFL trainers were excellent. Their TEFL/TESOL experience with UniTEFL in ChiangMai

UniTEFL – Greg an Aussie in Thailand

Living in ChiangMai. An experience of TEFL- TESOL teacher training course in Thailand, meeting new people.

Joe from the UK and UniTEFL Thailand

I took the TEFL course in Chiang Mai and found it to be hard work but worthwhile. An experience of TEFL- TESOL teacher training course in Chiang Mai.

Luke from Australia – Teacher Training in Thailand

An all round great course! An experience of TEFL- TESOL teacher training course in Chiang Mai.

Lirio from the Philippines in Thailand for TESOL

Traveling from the Philippines to Thailand to experience teacher training TEFL TESOL in Chiang Mai. Amazing…very informational. The trainers were really supportive and I learned a lot in this class. Great Experience!

UniTEFL Graduate – Elliott from England

Teaching and learning about TESOL TEFL certification in Thailand with UniTEFL.

Testimonial – Monica Zeppetello

Meet Monica,
Monica is a UniTEFL graduate from America.
Watch this video to learn more about her experience at UniTEFL, what she thinks about Chiang Mai, what advice she has for anyone considering TEFL and how she has changed since starting her TEFL adventure.