TEFL jobs in Thailand 2014

Thailand is hiring! Our recruitment partners have 300 teaching jobs to fill before mid May. Get TEFL trained in just four weeks and we’ll place you in good jobs.

Presently we are interviewing candidates for numerous well-paid jobs to start the new Thailand school year in early May. Places for the April intake of trainees are limited, interested persons should contact us promptly. Our TEFL program is fully accredited enabling you to teach English anywhere in the world.



Do I have to be TEFL certified?

Yes. For these particular jobs the schools expect applicants to have gained a recognised TEFL certification. Candidates trained by Unitefl receive preferential consideration. Find out more about us.

Can you guarantee a job?

By submitting a CV pack to us prior to enrolling in the course we can tentatively confirm a job offer through the recruiter, subject to minimum criteria*. Prospective teachers will first need to complete a TEFL course with us if they don’t already have a full certification. We have a 90% success rate in finding jobs locally for all UniTEFL grads wishing to teach in Thailand on completion of their course, it’s part of our package. During April and May the chances of landing an agreeable job are very high.

What sort of jobs are they?

The positions we need to fill are good full time jobs in Thai schools in provincial towns. Typical salaries start from $1,000 a month. This is competitive with industry jobs here, and you will likely save more since living expenses are much lower. There will likely be other foreigners at the same school, and the environment far more laid-back and charming than Bangkok and the big cities. Candidates will be given a choice of several towns to choose from.

What if I don’t like the job?

The school term lasts five months. You are obligated to see out a full term, but if you are truly unhappy and first make a reasonable effort to resolve any issues then you may leave. However please note that your work permit will be cancelled after which your visa will expire within 72 hours. Most teachers placed in these jobs are comfortable with the environment and find it to be an enjoyable introduction to Thailand. As a rookie teacher you are advised to take these good opportunities to gain some much needed experience.

What training is involved?

Prior to starting out as a teacher you will participate in a one-month intensive TEFL course, which is a standard qualification for becoming an ESL teacher. See details here. Once qualified you will be equipped to apply for TEFL teaching jobs anywhere in the world. To start teaching for the 2014 term 1, you need to enrol in the April course. Late comers taking the May course may still be considered for jobs but will miss out on the best positions and cannot be guaranteed a placement. Training takes place in our comfortable education centre in Chiang Mai. As an added bonus your course co-incides with the fun Songkran ‘water’ festival in Thailand.

Is there any cost or agency fees involved?

The TEFL course needs to be paid for upfront. The standard cost is 45,000 baht (approx. $1,500) and includes accommodation. Speak to us about payment plans deducted from your salary if necessary, solutions can be offered to selected candidates. Your net salary will be a minimum 30,000 baht per month, rising to 35,000 baht depending on your experience and skills (weaker candidates can settle for a second tier of jobs paying 25,000 baht).

Criteria for job offer.

Guaranteed jobs are dependent on the following criteria:

1. Must have a university degree (BA, BCom, BSc etc).

2. Full TEFL certificate at commencement of job (no online courses).

3. Native English speaker (selected nationalities, enquire please).

4. Available to start on May 1st, and/or start of training course on March 30th in Chiang Mai (if you don’t have a TEFL certification).

Note! If you fail on any of these four points ask us about other opportunities. We may still manage to help you find employment.

CV Pack (please include as much of the following as possible to expedite the process and increase your chances of a job offer)

  1. Copy first page of your passport
  2. prepResume/CV
  3. Recent photo (2 x 2) headshot – neutral background
  4. Copy of degree/transcripts
  5. Criminal background check.

Enquire by email, sending us your CV pack or questions.