UniTEFL Referral Program

We offer generous commissions to those who help spread the word.

For every sign-up you send us we will pay up to $200, within a week of their deposit. Nothing beats word of mouth from a friend, or personal recommendations from a trusted blogger. We prefer to reward you than spend the money on costly advertising online.

 How does it work?

All you need to do is refer your friends, collegues or web audience to us, we track their progress through the enquiry process and when they sign up, you get the commission. Leave it to our experts to convince them to enrol, facilitate deposit and answer their questions about the TEFL programs we offer.

What you can do is one of the following;

If you are a teacher and familiar with our quality TEFL programs, encourage others to consider studying one of our major courses, pointing out the advantages of a UniTEFL certificate over others. Make the introduction to us via email and we will update you as and when they decide to enrol. Referral fee: 5,000 baht.

If you are a blogger, with an audience that is interested in teaching English as a means of living and working around the world, please do recommend they take a UniTEFL course. This you can do by displaying advertising banners on your site, and preferably blogging on the merits of TEFL courses and recommending ours. You should contact us first to obtain a tracking url so we know when someone comes from your site in particular. Referral fee (with banner branding): US$200

 Case Study:

Ron Major is a American who has runs a popular blog about retiring in Chiang Mai. He is familiar with our course and often mentions it as a good option for teaching English in Asia. In the first 6 months of 2013 he earned nearly $1000 in commissions, without much effort at all.

We pay out about $1,000 every month in commissions for this program.

To refer someone or set up a banner on your blog or website please email: contact@unitefl.com