UniTEFL sponsors TEDx Chiang Mai

Smarter Cities. That’s the theme of the TEDX 2013 event in Chiang Mai to be held on Saturday September 14th.tedx

We are proud to be a sponsor of this global phenomenon, which includes independently organised events like this one, organised around the world. TED is a well established conference program themed on ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ for entrepreneurs, communities, students and people with an eye on the future.

UniTEFL is committed to training people who can educate. As such we support initiatives such as TEDx, which will be organised for the third time in Chiang Mai this year. The event includes a variety of speakers on innovation, business, the arts, sustainability and business creativity.

Above all, it is about educating people, which is the business UniTEFL is in. Plenty of students and those willing to learn will be attending the event, prompting us to lend our support. As trainers of teachers, ahead of the AEC ASEAN integration in 2015, we feel that English language skills are integral to the values pursued by TEDx events.

Some of the talks we’re particularly interested in are; Connecting the developing world with the virtual world by Dr Thomas Tilley, Smarter Cities: focusing on what not how by Gordon Falconer, Creativity Based Learning by Wiriyah Ruechaipanit.

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1984. It has since grown to become a global organisation that assists with conferences and projects independently organised around the world, under their mission goals. More than 1,500 TED talks are now available on video from some of the world’s foremost thinkers and doers.

The Chiang Mai 2013 event is being held at the Le Meridien Hotel, Sat 14th September, commencing at 8:30am. Tickets are 900 baht ($30) with a waiting list.

Find out more about TEDx Chiang Mai

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